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What can Casino Intel offer casino operators?

Casino Intel provides a platform that enables online casino operators to easily distribute their casino content to iGaming publishers across the world for FREE. Our publishers can be anyone who uses casino content to market online casinos on behalf of operator partners. Publishers include affiliates, designers, copywriters, streamers and other media companies.

The system is exceptionally quick and easy to use and ensures that you can get the correct, accurate information to publishers using our service. In fact casino operators who have used the system say it takes them around 15-20 minutes to successfully complete the web form and upload each casino and their assets, if they have everything to hand. It really is that easy to add Casino Intel content distribution to your business to not only enhance your partnerships but also help ensure compliance with regulators.

As well as making it easy to upload new casino content to the Casino Intel platform we also understand that operators may have a portfolio of online casinos that they would like to ensure can be uploaded to the system with the minimum of fuss. For this reason we enable our operator partners to upload in bulk using our own content uploader. We will of course provide details of how to use this service in our handy user guide provided.

When you submit your casinos to Casino Intel, our team will check the accuracy of the listing prior to it being published in the system. This is to ensure that the content is accurate, and therefore the publishers are promoting your casino/s as efficiently as possible to maximise the return for you as an operator, and also ensure that compliance rules are met. Once your casino/s has been added to the platform it will trigger a series of notifications, via various communication channels, to let our Publishers know about your casino release and increase your marketing coverage.

The management team at Casino Intel have a long track record in the iGaming industry of working with 1000s of publishers and so by using Casino Intel as an operator you can increase coverage of your casino/s across the world for FREE. This of course helps to increase traffic to your sites and ultimately generate greater revenue.

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