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About Us

Maximising the effectiveness of online casino marketing

Casino Intel provides iGaming publishers with the highest quality slots information in the industry.

Casino Intel pride themselves on helping iGaming affiliates, publishers, media companies, writers and designers to have access to the highest quality casino content available in the industry, to help them maximise their marketing efforts and achieve higher revenues as a result.

  • Huge Range of Games
  • Full Slot Game Details
  • Searchable & Filterable Data

The team behind Casino Intel have worked in the iGaming industry for around 25 years between them and this product is borne out of the frustration that high quality and accurate casino content including data, information, images, videos and more, simply isn’t readily available to everyone that needs it.

The Casino Intel product is specifically designed to help solve this problem for publishers, affiliates, media companies, writers and designers by connecting the operator themselves with everyone who needs the accurate content, and making that content searchable, filterable, and exceptionally easy to use.

By providing data in this way it not only saves publishers a great deal of time and money, but it also helps to enhance their own sites and rankings in search engines but also to make sure that players themselves have accurate information on casinos to make informed decisions, and improve the conversion metrics for the publisher.

For operators Casino Intel provides a free platform to distribute their casino content to publishers throughout the industry, ensure that this information is 100% accurate, and also ensure that they can control that data and content as effectively as possible, which is particularly useful with regards to compliance in regulated markets.


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